WOCA Member Profiles


Reflecting a diversity of tenure and expertise, the WOCA member profiles are designed to celebrate the extraordinary women within our network. It is our heartfelt thank you to these women for their passion, inspirational leadership and unwavering commitment to creating a brighter future for us all by paving the way or accepting the baton. Each profile offers insight into each woman’s incredible journey, their perspective on our significance in the field and their call to action for the network. Our hope is that you will connect with them, learn from them and answer their call. The depth and breadth of the honesty shared from all of profiled WOCA women was unflinchingly germane. We are proud and honored to amplify these visionary voices through the WOCA network. Valuable is too small a word to articulate the importance of our shared journeys. Our strength lies not only in numbers, but in knowing ourselves and each other.

A very special thank you goes to Simone Eccleston and Monique Martin, creators of the WOCA Member Profiles, for their tireless efforts and unrelenting enthusiasm in conducting these interviews. Stay tuned, new profiles will be posted periodically.

WOCA Member Profile #1 – Alison McNeil and Kaisha S. Johnson, Co-Founders of Women of Color in the Arts

WOCA Member Profile #2 – Baraka Sele, Independent Producer and Consultant

promoting equity. fortifying leadership.

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