Women’s Leadership Forum

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The Women’s Leadership Forum addresses pressing issues pertaining to women such as bias, work/life balance and identity in the workplace. A through-line in all discussions will be centered on the intersectionality of race and gender. The inaugural 2017 forum, Leveraging Leadership: Addressing Bias in the Arts, took place during the annual APAP (Association for Performing Arts Professionals) conference in New York City and unpacked implicit gender and racial bias, focusing on the challenges and success faced by all female leaders in the field.

The Women’s Leadership Forum will travel across the country in an effort to coalition build among all women working to strive for a more equitable field and world. The most recent Women’s Leadership Forum took place in Columbus, OH on August 29, 2017 as part of the annual Arts Midwest Conference.

The next Women’s Leadership Forum, Leveraging Leadership: Power and Privilege, will  be held again during the annual APAP (Association of Performing Arts Professionals) conference in New York City on Thursday, January 11, 2018. This day-long forum will facilitate understanding around the framework of oppression which allows power and privilege to exist, and encourage a dialogue about what women can do to both mitigate the impact and utilize the advantages of privilege and power to support and encourage one another.


In an effort to engender accessibility to our programs, please note that you need not be registered for the conferences or a member of these organizations in order to attend WOCA’s Women’s Leadership Forum. You do need to self-identify as a woman in order to attend.

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