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WOCA membership entitles you to a variety of benefits including direct connection with a seasoned network of colleagues, access to professional development and networking opportunities like  mentorship and leadership programs, forums, webinars, as well as, exclusive offers from WOCA’s partners.

Basic Membership Criteria

  1. You must be a self-identified woman of color – defined by WOCA as a woman of African, Latin, Asian, Pacific Island, Middle-Eastern, or Native American descent – historically under-represented groups working in the performing arts field.
  2. You must serve in an administrative capacity within the performing arts field.(While WOCA recognizes that administrators’ roles and responsibilities are often fluid within many cultural organizations and that artistic disciplines like the visual and literary arts often work in tandem with performance art, we require that at least half of your current professional career be dedicated to the development, cultivation and/or support of the performing arts.  While we also recognize that many artists take on the role of administrator to realize their work, and many cultural workers serve in dual capacities of artist and administrator, we require that the MAJORITY of your professional life be dedicated to working in an administrative role.)


    You must be a full-time undergrad or part to full-time graduate student pursuing a degree in arts administration, arts or theatre management, arts or cultural policy,  non-profit management, or a related field.

    In an effort to help strengthen the pipeline, you may also be a higher-ed professional working in an academic institution training future performing arts administrators.

Membership Levels

WOCA offers three levels of membership to facilitate total access for our colleagues in the field.

“Emerging Leader” Membership

$30 – full-time students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program or a part to full-time graduate degree program in arts administration, arts or theater management, arts or cultural policy, non-profit management or a related track.

PLUS administrators currently with five (5) years or less of professional experience.

“Established Leader” Membership

$60 – administrators with 6-19 years of professional experience in the performing arts field.

“Seasoned Leader” Membership

$120 – administrators with 20+ years of professional experience in the performing arts field.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are paid via a link that is sent by the WOCA Membership Committee upon approval of membership application. Payment of dues can be paid upfront or spread out in monthly installments over the course of the year.

Membership Approval Process

WOCA accepts membership applications on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed, however, on the first Thursday of each month. Decisions will be delivered to applicants within the same month of review. Membership renewals are conducted annually.

Membership Application Process

  1. The prospective member completes and submits the online membership application via our Submittable platform.
  2. The prospective member receives a confirmation documenting receipt of the application.
  3. The prospective member’s application is reviewed and confirmed by WOCA’s Membership and Recruitment Committee.
  4. Applicants invited for WOCA membership receive, via email, instruction on how to pay membership dues.
  5. Once dues are paid, members receive the WOCA Welcome Packet via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often are membership applications reviewed?

A: The Membership and Recruitment Committee convenes on the first Thursday of every month to review the applications submitted for consideration.

(*Again, please note that if you submit a membership application AFTER the first Thursday of the month, your application will not be reviewed until the following month.)

Q: I’m currently an undergraduate studying performance but I am certain I do not want to become an artist. I do, however, have an interest in administration and arts management. May I still apply?

A: If you are an undergrad currently studying theater, music or dance performance and can demonstrate your desire to work as an administrator through a past internship or current related work, we welcome you to apply for WOCA membership!

Q: I work in an entirely different industry or field but I have a desire to work in the arts and/or have been working on several arts-related projects. Can I still qualify for WOCA membership?

A: If you can thoroughly articulate in your membership application your connection to the performing arts field and the various arts-related capacities in which you have worked, then you may still be considered for WOCA membership.

Tip: Please make sure that the bio and resume you submit during the membership application process reflect your arts-related experiences and expertise.

Q: I have other questions about becoming a member. How do I connect with WOCA?

A: Please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to serve. All inquiries should be directed to

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